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Clean Car = Attitude Adjustment

April 5, 2014

I had an unexpected surprise from cleaning my car the other day…A profound renewal of respect and appreciation for my car AND…an attitude adjustment!

I admit – I hadn’t cleaned the inside in awhile…in detail anyway. I do the regular trash empty and tidy up as needed, but the vacuuming and Armour All detailing had gone neglected. I knew it was bugging me but I didn’t know how much it was…until I did it…and WOA!

In cleaning my car, I felt a renewed sense of pride, respect and appreciation for my old gal. She may be an older car…but she gets me around safely and goes for long periods of time without need for repairs. And when I take the time to polish her up, she looks pretty darn great, even with the wearing of time on her appearance.

I have felt that it’s time to upgrade to a newer car for awhile now – and think “I’ll take better car of my newer car’…but after cleaning her up so shiney, I think “What am I waiting for?! Take action and pride in the car I have now…care in more detail for her now…and that in turn will raise my vibration to unite with my next car! I even FEEL more prosperous and successful in my shiney, clean car!”

Maybe it’s psychological programming from society. Clean car = greater respect and prosperity. Maybe it’s not. Whatever it is, it DOES produce an adjustment in attitude for me…and maybe it will for you too!

Oh – and it’s a great workout without even going to the gym 😉

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