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Your Savvy PA is now Amy Woidtke: Making Space for You!

April 6, 2016

Exciting news!  I have rebranded and have a super new look.  Please find me at my new site here.  I look forward to hearing from you of how I can be of service to help you make space for you!



Why do we fear change so much? It’s natural.

November 2, 2015
Why do we fear change?

Why do we fear change?

Get clear in your head.
Get clearer in your heart.
Take action – every day.  One baby step at a time.

~ Amy Woidtke

Change is not rocket science.   We make it more complicated than it needs to be – we fear it, we run from it, we procrastinate it, make excuses for why not it.. and so on and so forth.  We waste ridiculous amounts of time and energy fearing change.

The funny thing is…change will find you.  It’s inevitable.  It’s one of the 3 guarantees of life:  We are born, life changes and we pass on.  All of this in itself is…guess what…change.  So there you go. 😉

The very nature of life is change.  You can see it every day.  Right now, the leaves are changing colors.  The weather is getting colder and rainier in Seattle.  Every live being and entity changes.  You really can’t avoid it.  Even when you try to avoid it, it will knock on your door, louder and louder, until the knock is so loud you really can’t avoid it anymore…so you heed it, or you die, eventually.  Even the process of dying is change.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down? 🙂

So…WHY is it that we spend SO MUCH TIME running from this thing called change?  It’s like another one of those “no good bad words” for some folks.   Most of the time, the change we are running from, staying stuck and miserable in our lives, is the VERY thing we NEED in order to feel better.  So what is SO GREAT about feeling stuck and miserable?  So you can wallow and complain with others aka throwing our own pity parties.  You know them – we’ve all thrown them.  *haha*

What if….you took that SAME amount of energy you wallow and complain with…and applied it – are you ready for this? – to change.  And WHAT IF the result of that sky rocketed you into the life you dream of living?  NOW, you could spend that same amount of time you spent complaining with others…celebrating!  YAY!!!

Nelson Mandela said:  Be the change you want to see in the world.   Maybe the change you want to see isn’t so big as the world…is just in your small circle of folks.  Here’s the kicker…sometimes, when YOU change, the folks around you that are the most annoying “miraculously” change too…or they just fall out of your circle.  And that’s ok too.  You will find new empowering and supportive folks, if you choose, to celebrate with!

Can you imagine that?  Try it on! 

  • What would that FEEL like?
  • What would you DO?
  • Who would you BE?

Share your dreams here – it’s a great place to start!  (If you want to share them privately with me, drop me an email:  I am here to champion you into your transformed life!



How to Organize and Downsize your Email Inbox

September 15, 2015

Tips for Organizing your Inbox, Your Savvy PA, SeattleHaving trouble finding the emails you need and finding yourself constantly using Search to find them?

Having a hard time tracking your projects, clients and what is done/not done in your email?

Are you overwhelmed at the sheer sight of your ginormous email inbox?

Here are a few tips to get you on your way to Inbox Control!

  1. Categorize: Create category folders for topics such as Clients: Current, Completed; Projects: Current, Completed; Tasks: Current, Completed and categories like Home, Travel, Kids, etc.
  2. Create Filters:  Filters automatically label your emails as they enter your inbox.  –> If you wish your emails to skip your inbox and go directly to the category file folder, indicate “Skip Inbox” when you create the filter.
  3. Complete:  When you are done with a task in an email, assign the label “Completed” and move it out of your inbox to the respective category folder.
  4. Unsubscribe and Roll Up:  Check out this savvy subscription wrangling tool, UnRoll Me.  It searches your inbox for subscriptions, piles them all into one location and gives you the option to roll each into a “Daily Rollup,” unsubscribe or keep it in your inbox.  Superb!

Tips for Making your iPhone Battery last longer.

September 8, 2015

Tips for Helping iPhone battery last longerDoes your iPhone battery die way too quickly?  Here are some super tips for helping your iPhone battery last longer. As forwarded by my totally awesome, biz savvy mom who received it from another awesome person. Thanks Mom!

Why does my iPhone battery die so fast – Here’s the real fix.

Buy Nothing Project: Share Resources, Build Community, Save Money!

September 3, 2015
Buy Nothing Project, Liesl Clark

Image from Liesl Clark of Buy Nothing

FREE!! Who doesn’t love that word?
Community. Who loves to get to know your neighbors?
Save. Who doesn’t love to save some money?

Share, know & save…that is the underlying theme in the Buy Nothing Project, a community-powered, world-wide project, doled out via area-centric Facebook groups. It was inspired by a Bainbridge family’s experience in a Himilayan village.

BNP is kind of like an improved version of the Free Section on Craig’s List, or, except it’s neighborhood centric and the mission is to share resources within your hood, as well as get to know your neighbors. I hear Mr. Roberts singing in my head, “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” Heehee.

In this day and age of hurry up and do, go, be…It’s easy to get isolated and not even know your next-door neighbor whom you see every day. In addition, with the rising cost of living, it’s becoming increasing difficult for many to afford the things and services they need or want. Buy Nothing solves both of these issues.

My Experience

I joined my local group just under a year ago and have given and received more than I could ever list. Household items, clothing, furniture, craft supplies, pet supplies, bikes…even food! Looking at my wardrobe, at least half of it I paid nothing more than the gas it took to go pick up the bins and bags of super nice clothes circulating (It’s called a Round Robin) in our group. Then my housemate and I got to go “shopping” in the comfort and privacy of our own home! How cool is THAT?!

Due to the coming of clothing swaps and now Buy Nothing, I have spent next to nothing on clothes – in years! I’m not kidding. On top of that, I’ve made friends, found a walking buddy and developed a great support network of folks right in my own hood (after living here for 10 years and knowing barely anyone)!

“This sounds GREAT! So how does it work?”

Go to
Find your area.
Go to your area Facebook group and join.
Watch to be tagged in the group, then message the Admin with your cross streets.
Wait for confirmation from the Admin.
Voila! You’re good to go.

Read the Rules

Now…don’t forget to read the Rules of how the group works. There is tact to how it’s done. I liken it to a virtual knocking on the door of your neighbors: Hi Neighbor – do you have a cup of sugar I could borrow? I mean, you wouldn’t go knock today on a neighbor’s door and say “ISO cup of sugar.”..Right? Exactly. You get the idea.

If you don’t read the rules, you may end up with a note from the Admins, who monitor the postings, kindly asking you to pose yourself differently in the group.

So, once you’ve informed yourself of how it works, you are ready to go!

Lastly, besides getting and giving cool stuff, and saving money in the process of not buying things, making new friends has been the coolest part. Ok – and watching when folks wishes are met, in multitude, by the neighbors. Some folks end up in really hard times…and the group steps up to help.

You don’t have to be alone and suffering. You don’t always have to spend money on new things. And you don’t have to drive your stuff to charity donations (even though that is also a great thing to do with your stuff).

You can share resources with your neighbors, give and get support, make friends and save money!

Now…go find your group!!
P.S. If there is no group in your area, there are tips on the website of how to start one!

Embrace the Courage to be your Authentic Self!

June 20, 2015

aydian dWhat does it mean to you to be authentic to your True Self?  Are you doing it?  If you aren’t, what would that be and what is stopping you? 

I’m inspired today by transgender activist and entrepreneur Aydian Dowling.  He was recently on Ellen and is positioned to possibly become the first transgender man to be on the cover of Men’s Health!  Talk about having the guts to be authentic…as my partner says, “Go big or stay home.”  (Not that we want you to actually stay home if you don’t like going big 😉 )

I truly believe the world is a better place when we each have heart, take risks and jump into our courage to be true to ourselves.  I spent years questioning and running from various aspects of my identity and my career path, to name a few.  I was so afraid of what I would be called to do if I really embraced more of my authenticity.  Like, deathly afraid.  The kind of fear that makes you feel like it’s not from this life, as if you had been heavily ostracized in another life for being you.

What I found is that once I was willing and open, once I said “Ok Universe, I’m ready.  I know this might be huge and it might be really hard…and, I’m ready as I will ever be,” a HUGE weight was lifted.  I felt LIBERATED.  I even found I was no longer afraid to fly in airplanes!

Now, the more I embrace the things I have feared and run from, the more the path of awesomeness opens up.  It’s almost ridiculous – the number of opportunities flying my way since I came out and committed more seriously to personal development and leadership!  At times, I feel dumbfounded and in awe like when someone gives you the most amazing gift ever and you look at them with disbelief: “For me?  Really?!!”

And yes…for YOU.  REALLY!  You deserve it.  You deserve to go big.  You deserve the awesome that life is waiting to give you.  All you have to do is be willing to stand up, claim it, be it and do it!

If you are hiding in the wings or wondering why all the good seems to be dishing out to everyone but you, why not have a check in with yourself….Are you hiding in fear of yourself?  In fear of others?  Trust me…there is some much diversity out there and support for it.

There is a place for YOU if you will just embrace the courage to be YOU!  I’m cheering you on!!!  GO! GO! GO!!!

Clean Car = Attitude Adjustment

April 5, 2014

I had an unexpected surprise from cleaning my car the other day…A profound renewal of respect and appreciation for my car AND…an attitude adjustment!

I admit – I hadn’t cleaned the inside in awhile…in detail anyway. I do the regular trash empty and tidy up as needed, but the vacuuming and Armour All detailing had gone neglected. I knew it was bugging me but I didn’t know how much it was…until I did it…and WOA!

In cleaning my car, I felt a renewed sense of pride, respect and appreciation for my old gal. She may be an older car…but she gets me around safely and goes for long periods of time without need for repairs. And when I take the time to polish her up, she looks pretty darn great, even with the wearing of time on her appearance.

I have felt that it’s time to upgrade to a newer car for awhile now – and think “I’ll take better car of my newer car’…but after cleaning her up so shiney, I think “What am I waiting for?! Take action and pride in the car I have now…care in more detail for her now…and that in turn will raise my vibration to unite with my next car! I even FEEL more prosperous and successful in my shiney, clean car!”

Maybe it’s psychological programming from society. Clean car = greater respect and prosperity. Maybe it’s not. Whatever it is, it DOES produce an adjustment in attitude for me…and maybe it will for you too!

Oh – and it’s a great workout without even going to the gym 😉